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Время Артист Песня
14:45 the bolshoi sunday morning
14:42 the cranberries twenty one
14:37 the cardigans for what it's worth
14:32 the horatii that's my girl
14:29 bryan ferry driving me wild
14:26 the brothers four greenfields
14:20 ars phoenix amethyst (single version)
14:15 white lies big tv
14:11 this co. i see
14:06 pair of arrows vestige
14:02 cosmetics heartbeat
13:59 element of crime weisses papier
13:54 eaux luther
13:48 chelsea wolfe spinning centers
13:42 mike oldfield and maggie reilly moonlight shadow
13:39 sadman i hold on
13:34 tori amos weatherman
13:31 jacco gardner summer's game
13:30 алексей рыбников цветы (через тернии к звездам)
13:26 the cranberries i really hope
13:23 nick cave & the bad seeds give us a kiss
13:17 depeche mode lie to me
13:13 the cure there is no if...
13:09 bleeding nature dreaming (tonight...)
13:06 rainbow ffolly montgolfier
13:02 kwoon the guillotine show
12:58 metronomy boy racers
12:54 the magnetic fields desert island
12:51 the cranberries animal instinct
12:46 camouflage together
12:41 gary numan love hurt bleed
12:37 the crimea opposite ends
12:35 the doors unhappy girl
12:27 red flag l.o.v.e.
12:21 woven hand his rest
12:17 azure blue willows and pines
12:13 beborn beton life is a distance
12:09 the wolfgang press fallen not broken
12:05 au revoir simone shadows
11:52 elvira & the bats fils de frankenpire vampirstein
11:47 erutan winter moon
11:44 yann tiersen a secret place
11:36 cosmetics black leather gloves
11:32 diiv doused
11:28 the chameleons uk the fan & the bellows
11:24 tamaryn choirs of winter
11:21 charlotte gainsbourg memoir
11:17 julianna barwick one half
11:12 death in june last farewell
11:08 morrissey my love life
11:03 piano magic winter
10:58 the raveonettes observations
10:53 wintercoats halogen moon
10:48 the sisters of mercy when you don't see me [german release]
10:48 cardio 1d cardio 1d
10:45 sara lov winter is blue
10:42 cocteau twins carolyn's fingers
10:38 nitzer ebb & die krupps to the hilt
10:34 sad lovers & giants 50:50
10:32 radiohead hunting bears
10:24 kal cahoone winter's womb
10:20 laila france synthesiser wizard
10:14 death in june born again
10:12 france gall n'ecoute pas les idoles
10:08 gold & youth come to admire
10:05 erutan butterfly's dream
9:59 felix marc winterwalk
9:59 cardio 1d cardio 1d
9:50 steve hauschildt mixed messages
9:46 fryars visitors
9:43 regina spektor machine
9:40 clover club on rewind
9:36 asobi seksu trails
9:32 lower heaven farewell theme
9:27 bleeding nature my winter
9:23 scorpion wind the path of the cross
9:17 those poor bastards dead winter moon
9:13 fad gadget lady shave
9:09 blue hawaii try to be
9:05 ejecta jeremiah
9:01 strength through joy a grave for burning wings
9:01 strength through joy a grave for burning wings
8:56 candy claws a strange land discovered
8:50 of the wand and the moon a pyre of black sunflowers
8:46 deine lakaien along our road
8:41 the notwist propeller 9
8:34 nedry apples & pears
8:31 qntal winter
8:27 night drive sea of light
8:21 clark powell lunatic
8:17 dead skeletons dead is god
8:14 eimear quinn winter, fire and snow
8:09 this immortal coil tattoed man
8:06 a place to bury strangers and i'm up
8:02 beirut carousels
7:57 sadman murderer
7:53 skywide through this winter storm
7:47 claire voyant twenty four years
7:40 loveburger people just wanna dance
7:36 chateau marmont tales from the creek