Плейлист Record 60's Dance на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
14:15 Contours Do u love me
14:11 Humphries Kansas city
14:09 C francis Many tears ago
14:07 B lee Won't u please
14:04 E presley Cindy, cindy
13:59 L allison Living in the house
13:56 B diddley Road runner
13:54 Little richard Hey-hey-hey-hey
13:52 C perkins Blue suede shoes!
13:49 G vincent Be-bop-a-lula
13:47 Edsels Rama lama ding dong
13:44 E presley Mess of blues
13:42 Ventures Guitar twist
13:40 J edwards Love bug crawl
13:37 E presley Early mornin' rain
13:35 C rich Lonely weekends
13:32 Rolling stones Carol
13:28 B burns One woman man
13:26 C berry Sweet little rock'n'roll
13:23 Slades U cheated
13:21 E presley Hurt
13:19 D martin Sway
13:16 C checker Twist
13:14 Statler brothers Flowers on the wall
13:11 E presley Jailhouse rock
13:08 G harrison I got my mind set on u
13:05 Conway twitty I need ur lovin'
13:03 E presley Fools fall in love
13:00 Animals Boom boom
12:54 P ramsey King of fools
12:52 S cooke Twistin' the night away
12:50 Cowboy copas Alabam
12:47 Van morrison Brown eyed girl
12:44 Little eva Locomotion
12:42 E presley King of the whole wide world
12:39 C lee Under the moon of love
12:37 Little richard Lucille
12:35 Credence Travelin' band
12:32 E presley Moody blue
12:30 C mann Pretend
12:27 Monkees I'm a believer
12:23 T thomas What a real man
12:21 R anthony Tu peux la prendre
12:19 E presley All i needed was the rain
12:17 B haley Rock the joint
12:15 Billy & essentials Maybe u'll be there
12:13 T sheridan Ya ya
12:09 E presley Amazing grace
12:07 Champs Tequilla (original)
12:05 E cooley Priscilla
12:02 E presley I'll never know
12:00 Danny & juniors Twistin' usa
11:58 C montez Some kinda fun
11:54 D little Deal goes down
11:52 E presley Don't be cruel
11:48 D catton Thirteen woman
11:46 J dee Hey, let's twist
11:43 F sinatra I've got u under my skin
11:40 J wilson Reet petite
11:37 E presley Lonely man
11:35 J jones California sun
11:32 Beatles Brithday
11:30 Embers Solitaire
11:28 E presley We're coming in loaded
11:26 Cf henry Ain't got no home
11:23 Be mcclelland Tall girl
11:21 D springfield I only want to be with u
11:19 E presley If u think i don't need u
11:17 R charles Hit the road jack
11:15 New vaudeville band Winchester
11:12 El dorados At my front door
11:10 E presley Once is enough
11:07 Stray cats Rock this town
11:04 Beatles & t sheridan My bonnie
11:02 Conway twitty Lonely blue boy
11:00 E presley There's gold in the mountains
10:56 B mcferrin Don't worry be happy
10:51 S weebs chicken chack Don't worry
10:49 Marcels Twistin' fever
10:47 Cues Why
10:44 5 royales Think
10:42 T bennett Good life
10:39 E presley I got a woman
10:36 L rawls Summertime!
10:34 R buchanan Treat her right
10:31 B lee Dynamite
10:28 Moonglows Sincerely
10:26 E presley Guitar man
10:23 R charles I've got a woman
10:19 J mayall Rot at home
10:17 Rattles Shimmy shimmy
10:15 Charms Hearts of stone
10:13 Jl lewis Great balls of fire
10:10 E presley Give me the right
10:08 C cotton & seine Der liebestraum
10:06 C gayle Don't it make my brown eyes
10:03 Little richard Bama lama bama loo
10:01 E presley I got stung
9:59 Dukays Nite owl
9:57 Bobbettes Mr lee
9:55 C francis Kiss'n'twist
9:50 J wells Use me
9:48 E presley Finders keepers
9:46 B freeman Betty lou
9:42 Electric light orchestra Rock'n'roll!
9:40 C francis Pretty little baby
9:37 B haley See u later alligator
9:33 M torme Too close for comfort
9:29 E presley Blue eyes crying in the rain
9:28 Coasters Yakety yak
9:26 B strong Money
9:24 Olympics Dance with teacher
9:20 Grateful dead Johnny b goode!
9:16 Snowy white Little wing
9:13 E presley I don't care if the sun
9:10 N wilson All night long
9:08 R nelson I'm walkin'
9:06 Dick & dd Mountain's high
9:04 E presley I'll take love
9:02 S turner Lavender blue
9:00 Beach boys Surfin' safari
8:58 Cadillacs Peek-a-boo
8:55 R bernard Colinda
8:53 E presley Scratch my back
8:51 C richard Reelin' & rockin'!
8:46 King john Where my baby
8:43 C willis Betty & dupree
8:41 W carr Jump jack, jump!
8:39 C berry Johnny b goode!!
8:35 E presley & i love u so
8:33 J restivo Shape i'm in
8:30 F sinatra I could have danced all night
8:28 C miller Bertha lou
8:25 B rydell Teach me to twist
8:23 C francis He's just a scientist
8:21 Nino Juke box saturday night
8:18 E presley Please don't drag that string
8:15 D durrett Blue eyed soul
8:12 Crests Sixteen candles
8:10 B everett It's in his kiss
8:08 Frogmen Underwater
8:06 B brown Fannie mae
8:03 E presley Goin' home
7:59 L rawls Girl from ipanema
7:56 D eddy Dance with the guitar man
7:54 R stevens Ahab, the arab
7:52 E presley House that has everything
7:49 Flying saucers Broken heart
7:47 R nelson It's late
7:42 M griffin Save me
7:40 C clark Party lights
7:38 J horton Battle of new orleans
7:35 D shannon Runaway
7:32 E presley True love travels
7:30 C montez Let's dance
7:28 C francis Valentino
7:24 Urge overkill Girl, u'll be a woman soon
7:22 5-6-7-8's Woo hoo
7:20 E presley Just for old time sake
7:16 G baker selection Little green bag
7:14 Little richard Tutti frutti!
7:09 K lee Blues party
7:07 E presley Smorgasbord
7:05 J charles Age for love
7:03 T sheridan Wat'd i say
7:00 D day Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
6:57 Cleftones Little girl of mine
6:54 Mello-kings Tonite, tonite
6:52 C berry U never can tell
6:49 Chas & dave That's alright, mama
6:47 5 keys Out of sight, out of mind
6:44 E presley Witchcraft
6:42 Contours Do u love me
6:38 W houston Sally mae
6:35 J mccracklin Walk
6:33 C valente Peppermint twist
6:30 E presley Cindy, cindy
6:28 Dd sharp Do the bird
6:26 F cannon Palisades park
6:24 Don & juan Magic wand
6:22 C perkins Blue suede shoes!
6:19 E presley It's a long lonely highway
6:17 J mccracklin Just got to know
6:15 Flying saucers South's gonna rise again
6:12 Ventures Guitar twist
6:08 Snowy white Time has gone
6:06 E presley There's a brand new day
6:03 B lynn U'll lose a good thing
6:01 Rolling stones Carol
5:59 F sinatra All of me
5:57 P chaplain Shortnin' bread
5:54 Impalas Sorry i run all way home
5:52 E presley Hurt
5:50 Firebirds Comin' on strong
5:47 Searchers Sweets for my sweet
5:45 Danny & juniors Rock'n'roll is here
5:42 E presley Jailhouse rock
5:36 Red beans Dark side
5:34 P boone Love letters in the sand
5:31 F cannon Way down wonder
5:28 Animals Boom boom
5:26 E presley Don't cry daddy
5:24 K smith Ya ya twist
5:21 Dion No one knows
5:18 Van morrison Brown eyed girl
5:16 J hammer Boogie woogie twist
5:13 T jones Help urself
5:10 Flying saucers Keep on coming
5:07 Little richard Lucille
5:03 Omar Full moon on main street
5:00 Gerry & pacemakers It's gonna be
4:58 R williams Have u met miss jones
4:55 Monkees I'm a believer
4:52 E presley Soldier boy
4:50 D dudley Six days on the road
4:36 Champs Tequilla (original)
4:33 T benoit Cross the line
4:29 Little caesar Those oldies but goodies
4:27 D dale Let's go trippin'
4:25 C montez Some kinda fun
4:22 Rays Magic moon
4:19 E presley Such a night
4:17 Platters Great pretender
4:15 J dee Hey, let's twist
4:13 T harris Do what u did
4:10 3 friends Dedicated
4:08 E presley Ain't that loving u baby
4:06 J jones California sun
4:02 F miles I been missing u
4:00 J martin Will u willyum
3:57 E presley Fever!!
3:55 Cf henry Ain't got no home
3:52 D french Lonely saturday night
3:49 Carpenters Sweet sweet smile
3:47 Sheppards Island of love
3:45 R charles Hit the road jack
3:42 B lee Talkin'bout u
3:40 J butler He will break ur heart
3:37 C richard When
3:35 Stray cats Rock this town
3:30 G benson My heart is dancing
3:25 R williams Beyond the sea
3:23 B bennett Seventeen
3:19 B mcferrin Don't worry be happy
3:17 Roomates Glory of love
3:15 E presley I'm gonna walk dem
3:13 B ives Litte bitty tear
3:11 5 royales Think
3:08 S nelson Day train
3:06 E presley For the millionth & last time
3:04 Chanters No, no, no
3:02 R buchanan Treat her right
2:58 C james Standin' on the edge
2:56 Jan & dean Fun, fun, fun
2:53 J travolta Sandy
2:50 R charles I've got a woman
2:48 5 satins To aisle
2:46 Crazy cavan Flip, flop & fly
2:44 S alaimo Every day i have to cry
2:42 Jl lewis Great balls of fire
2:39 Shakin' stevens Marie, marie
2:36 5 blobs Blob
2:34 Everly brothers Bye bye love
2:32 Little richard Bama lama bama loo
2:27 E clapton Goin' down slow
2:24 R orbison Oh pretty woman
2:21 Cellos Rang tang ding dong
2:19 F davis Peppermint twist time
2:16 L armstrong What a wonderful world
2:15 E presley Dixieland rock
2:12 Tune weavers Happy birthday baby
2:10 N sinatra These boots
2:08 H ballard Finger poppin' time
2:06 E presley Treat me nice
2:03 C mann Mona lisa
2:01 C francis Kiss'n'twist
1:59 P green Bandit
1:56 R nelson Hello mary lou
1:53 E presley Gentle on my mind
1:50 Electric light orchestra Rock'n'roll!
1:47 B lewis Tossin' & turnin'
1:45 Gleams U broke my heart
1:43 Delcos Arabia
1:39 E presley Blue eyes crying in the rain
1:37 R dee Work out
1:35 Passions Just to be with u
1:33 E presley Baby, if u'll give me
1:29 Grateful dead Johnny b goode!
1:25 T ellis To the devil for a dime
1:22 G chandler Duke of earl
1:20 Top notes Twist & shout!
1:18 R nelson I'm walkin'
1:16 J norman I don't love u no more
1:12 E presley Blue suede shoes
1:10 Slim harpo Rainin' in my heart
1:08 Beach boys Surfin' safari
1:06 C berry Promised land
1:03 F sinatra All the way
1:01 E presley Big hunk o'love