Плейлист DFM Disco на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
21:24 Richard grey Party now
21:12 Dj vartan & techcrasher Your love
21:02 Block & crown Walkin & talkin
20:57 Dennis ferrer How do i let go (dj kone remix)
20:53 Jimmi harvey Feeling alive
20:50 Beatchuggers Forever man (earth'n'days remix)
20:41 Demarkus lewis A fifth of that (billion remix)
20:31 Chief ride Together
20:28 Afterman The magician (jl remix)
19:54 Scotty boy Keep the dance floor goin'
19:50 Israel perez Mexico
19:47 First ladies of disco Don't stop me now
19:43 Jack dat Groove on
19:40 Rubber people Rock the disco
19:33 Folkness Rhythm of the sound (jackin mix)
19:24 Block & crown Your night
19:20 False rumours In the house
19:16 Armin van buuren Blah blah blah (alyx ander remix)
19:15 White sheep Give to me baby
19:10 Ellie sax It ain't right
18:48 Bmr Dance with me
18:45 Di saronno Lady with the mask
18:36 Crazibiza Happie
18:28 House freakers Live free
18:19 Discover Cant get you (dj vartan remix)
18:17 Gerundino Saxy story
18:12 Da lukas Don't panic
18:11 Block & crown Das phatt
17:56 Cheesecake boys Rockin
17:53 Black cars Ready to go
17:44 David james (always) a permanent state
17:35 Andrey exx My heart (sebb junior remix)
17:30 Boogie freaks Rock the disco
17:27 Franko ferreri Remedy
17:23 Freejak I'm for real
17:20 Alex preston You do it right
17:15 Freemasons Atlantic-pacific
17:11 Crazibiza Dancing heroes
17:10 Al mckay allstars Heed the message (joey negro remix)
16:59 Fil alberga Let's love (fil alberga & the cube guys mix)
16:54 Block & crown Happy (live it up)
16:39 Love legend Open your eyes
16:36 Jfa! Cajun moon (jo paciello remix)
16:33 Weiss Feel my needs (purple disco machine remix)
16:24 Tracy k You showed me
16:08 Blond-ish Call my name
16:04 Syke'n'sugarstarr Release your mind
15:55 Sam project Why
15:51 Paco caniza Remember
15:42 Jennifer lopez Hold it+don't drop it
15:39 Block & crown Your ticket to dance
15:34 Wh0 Devotion
15:30 Ben rau Calling out your name (i can't sleep) (oden & fatzo remix)
15:27 Omson Borgonuovo jack
14:52 T markakis We call it music
14:49 Tommy glasses Over me
14:46 Richard grey What's my name
14:42 Funk supreme It's real love (block & crown mix)
14:39 Maurizio basilotta Feel the groove
14:34 Tom andrews Taking over me
14:30 Sucker dj's Lotta lovin'
14:27 From disco 2 disco Doo wop a doo
14:11 Makito I can't help it
14:04 Steve f pyt Where did you come from
13:55 Yescene Bad habit (dj vartan & techcrasher remix)
13:52 Yvvan back My fire
13:38 Jay potter In my house
13:27 Lothief The bump
13:12 Jamie gumb I am
13:02 Block & crown Make luv (let yourself go)
13:00 From disco 2 disco Some love
12:33 Dont blink Break it down
12:10 Ralph felix Life after love
11:48 Manuel sahagun Hold the riff
11:23 Tanto project Perfect color
10:55 Joy anonymous Joy (god only knows)
9:43 Little john Got to be funky
9:32 Original I love you baby 2006
9:10 Manuel grandi Something special
7:33 Zweiklang Lift me up
7:20 Milk barб alex zigro Disco night
6:45 Francesco dinoia Desire
6:33 Block & crown Tonight
6:12 Steff Lay
6:10 Luca debonaire Say yeah
5:56 Makito Let it ride
5:48 Ladies on mars King of disco
5:44 Dom dolla Saving up
5:42 Fabich Feeling goood
5:35 Roisto Do me right
5:12 Moreno pezzolato Bring me up
5:10 Natural born grooves Candy on the dancefloor
4:42 Oscar barila From a deeper place
4:38 Mf productions The same funky feeling
4:32 Sellier Ocean drive
4:29 Olav basoski Watch your step
4:14 Jay west Wonder
4:11 Vanilla ace Harlem bounce (angelo ferreri remix)
4:06 Kevin andrews Everybody moves in the underground
3:59 Ron carroll Don't you worry (full intention remix)