Плейлист DFM Hands Up на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
18:58 Klaas First girl on the moon (rocco & mazza remix)
18:50 Niels van gogh The awakening
18:47 Alex megane The summer is magic (newdance mix)
18:36 Mattmoth Lonely
18:25 Italobrothers L'amour toujours
18:19 Mashmex Red car
18:08 Klaas Heart swipe (rocco & mazza remix)
18:06 Tatsunoshin Cold inside
18:04 Sonny wern Rhythm of the night
18:01 Sin with sebastian Shut up (anniversary mix)
17:56 Lenny mcdustin Let me show you
17:55 Oliver andree Feel the night
17:42 Becky hill Disconnect (ben nicky remix)
17:16 Claas inc Euphoric dreams
17:10 Scooter Berliner luft
16:58 Lunax Where do we go
16:47 Harshil kamdar Keep it going
16:46 Agent zed Un-break my heart
16:35 Scooter Constellations
16:23 Emilio Can't get you out of my head
16:12 Keanu silva Have you never been mellow (ninkid remix)
16:00 Southstar Wild ones
15:58 Special d You (2023 mix)
15:56 Tream Lebenslang (stvw & hbz remix)
15:49 Ziggy x Thiz roxx (club remix)
15:43 Italobrothers Stamp on the ground
15:27 Cj stone Shining star (rework)
15:00 Dj fait I'm ok
14:59 Katy perry Last friday night (dan winter remix)
14:51 Starsplash Free
14:47 Nitra m No joke
14:43 Taylor swift I knew u were trouble (sunvibez remix)
14:35 Dave darell Freeloader (rob mayth fx-bootleg)
14:32 Cascada Truly madly deeply (tune up remix)
14:29 Akira Wanna be with u
14:25 Tomtrax This days
14:21 Bassdropz I want u
14:18 Lobo ismail One more night (vz+pz remix)
14:03 Coaster boy Nanana na
13:59 Scooter Maria (i like it loud)
13:46 Hitmen Like i love u (vocal remix)
13:36 Jan wayne Dance the night away
13:23 Cascada Miracle
13:22 Skam Can u feel me now
12:46 Mike mh4 Invisible (crusher remix)
12:36 Alex cortez Here comes the rain (dance remix)
12:26 Akira Million miles away from home (sam g remix)
12:25 Dj alligator Protect your ears
12:13 Barcera Secret of love (central seven remix)
12:11 Sascha nell Never say never
11:44 A-ha Take on me (beat factory remix)