Плейлист DFM Psy Trance на сегодня

DFM Psy Trance
Время Артист Песня
2:44 Pulse Slipstream
2:39 Bizzare Contact Runaway
2:35 Electro Sun/Ephedrix Hypnotic Voices
2:34 Face Off/Cosmic Tone Electric Jungle
2:25 Laughing Buddha Revel With The Devil (Remix)
2:24 Neelix/Durs Reflect
2:19 Phonic Request/Shagma Magic Ring
2:14 Quadra Thought Frequency
2:09 Audiofire A Billion Neurons
2:03 Blazed & Kin Journalistic Experience
1:58 Fire Starter/Champa Dancing With Shakti
1:55 Faders/Spectra Sonics Beyond Imagination
1:50 Sesto Sento Disconnecting
1:44 Outsiders Lucid Dream
1:38 Relativ Galactic Riders
1:33 Vertical Mode Inside Your Head
1:28 Sabedoria/Emepe Blinders
1:24 Labirinto/Digital Culture Thermo
1:19 Psy Sex Space Quest
1:18 Hyperflex Chip Tea
1:12 Laughing Buddha Revel With The Devil (Remix)
1:08 Sideform Man From The Stars
1:03 Cambium Shiva Shakti
0:59 Astrix/Vertical Mode Seven Gates
0:57 Alien Talk First One
0:52 Infected Mushroom Meduzz
0:48 Richard Durand/Psywork Sunhump
0:43 Xerox/Volcano Are You Nuts
0:38 Arbex Contact
0:34 Simon Patterson/Vertical Mode Spike
0:32 Laughing Buddha Revel With The Devil (Remix)
0:26 Lunatica Me In You
0:21 Anakine Special Performance
0:16 Zen Mechanics Mecha
0:11 Osher Sounds Around Us
0:08 Metronome Journey Inside Yourself
0:03 Freakulizer Tech No Holic