Плейлист Радио Монте Карло Funk Cocktail на сегодня

Радио Монте Карло - Funk Cocktail
Время Артист Песня
20:31 melba moore this is it
20:30 johnny nash i can see clearly now
20:00 raymond guiot bass dancing
19:30 thor de force majestic spectacle
19:30 debra laws how long
19:00 olympic runners crazy talk
18:30 norman conners take it to the limit
18:02 dave dee/dozy/beaky legend of xanadu
18:00 brotherly love mama's little baby
17:49 eugene record overdose of joy
17:45 timothy wilson you can't change that
17:43 the futures grade a woman
17:39 johnny mathis i'm stone in love with you
17:36 martha/the vandellas jimmy mack
17:33 the real thing down to the way you feel
17:30 james brown get up sex machine
17:04 chairmen of the board i'n on my way
17:01 carl douglas run back
17:00 holland-dozier new breed kinda woman
16:34 the whispers i fell in love last night
16:30 azymuth hole in one
16:00 simon haseley bora
15:30 slave snap shot
15:00 winfield parker starvin'
14:30 wayne davis i like the things about me
14:27 bernard estardy road number 9
14:24 the futures make it last
14:21 dyke/the blazers funky broadway (part 2)
14:17 the soul movers lift me up
14:13 earth/wind/fire saturday night
14:11 allen toussaint soul sister
14:05 the jimmy castor bunch love's theme
14:02 keith mansfield exclusive blend
14:00 flaming ember stop the world, let me off
13:37 candi staton suspicious minds
13:34 the kay gees on the money
13:30 marcos valle vou amanha saber
13:00 100 proof aged in soul somebody's been sleeping
12:36 the kay gees waiting at the bus stop (part 2)
12:32 frootful road
12:30 slave way out
12:00 gladys knight/the pips i feel a song in my heart
11:30 the whispers you are number one
11:00 joe tex i mess up everything
10:35 james brown it's too funky in here
10:31 spanky wilson he called me baby
10:30 symbol-8 call me
10:01 odyssey native new yorker
10:00 get me would you be my girl
9:30 the real thing dance with me
9:00 raymond guiot bass dancing
8:31 joe tex we held on
8:30 fatback you gotta believe
8:02 the undisputed truth sandman
8:00 side effect georgy porgy
7:30 olympic runners in the can
7:00 joe tex ain't gonna bump no more
6:44 martha/the vandellas jimmy mack
6:40 the real thing flash
6:36 funkadelic cholly
6:33 erma franklin piece of my heart
6:30 chairmen of the board chairmen of the board
6:30 smokey robinson/the miracles tears of a clown
6:00 james brown there it is
5:39 the manhattans crazy
5:35 the kay gees kilowatt
5:31 mcfadden/whitehead ain't no stoppin' us now
5:30 jack arel/pierre dutour bewilderment
5:00 ashley clark dat sauce
4:57 nick ingman trip wire
4:54 the futures do unto others
4:50 slave snap shot
4:47 olympic runners exit city
4:44 james brown make it funky
4:40 freda payne cherish what is dear to you
4:37 neo experience human
4:33 winfield parker starvin'
4:30 earl english wanting you
4:30 webster lewis fire
4:00 the soul movers lift me up
3:31 martha high trouble man
3:30 the modulations i can't fight your love
3:10 wayne davis i like the things about me
3:06 the kaya collective tell me
3:02 gq standing ovation
3:00 the futures super love
2:41 spanky wilson kissing my love
2:39 ashley clark cold & rolling
2:35 james brown get it together
2:31 chic le freak
2:30 the hi lites
2:00 gladys knight/the pips baby don't change
1:31 the jimmy castor bunch love's theme
1:30 margie joseph come on back to me lover
1:01 tami lynn light my fire
1:00 kashif baby don't break your babys heart
0:30 the rimshots 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (blow your whistle)
0:01 j trombey underlay no 3
0:00 irene reid i must be doing something right