Плейлист Радио Монте Карло Funk Cocktail на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
11:00 Chairmen of the board Working on a building
11:00 Slave Party song
10:02 The whispers All the way
9:59 The kay gees Kilowatt invasion
9:53 Get me Would you be my girl
9:50 The fantastics! Nine lives
9:47 Simon haseley Bora
9:43 Gene page All our dreams are coming true
9:40 The real thing (he's just a) moneymaker
9:37 The staple singers Unlock your mind
9:34 James brown People get up
9:30 James brown Get up get into it get involved
9:26 Wilson pickett Don't knock my love (part 2)
9:22 Spanky wilson He called me baby
9:16 Steve arrington Good mood
9:12 Tami lynn Light my fire
9:08 Chameleon Game of life
9:01 The futures Castles
8:58 The politicians Free your mind
6:54 The jones girls Taster of the honey
6:46 Philip bailey I know
6:43 Martha high You got it
6:39 Candi staton Suspicious minds
6:37 Bernard estardy Emeute a tokyo (kitch kat)
6:35 The futures Grade a woman
6:31 Phyllis hyman You know how to love me
6:28 Smith connection I'm bugging your phone
6:24 Watsonian institute Coming around
6:23 The real thing Down to the way you feel
6:11 Carl douglas Witchfinder general
6:11 Slave Wait for me
5:59 Billy ocean Nights (feel like getting down)
5:55 James brown Get on the good foot
5:51 Slave Way out
5:47 Keith mansfield Exclusive blend
5:44 The kay gees Hustle wit every muscle
5:41 Jambo Harrambee
5:37 Barbara jean english If it feels this good
5:33 The real thing I believe in you
5:30 Carlos malcolm Bustin' outta the ghetto
5:27 The real thing Lady,i love you all the time
5:24 Houston person Sweet buns barbeque
5:21 Carl douglas Girl you're so fine
5:17 Olympic runners Interference free
5:14 Tyrone edwards Can't get enough of you
5:11 The spinners I'll be around
5:06 Brenda holloway Let love grow
5:03 Lee charles Sitting on a time bomb
5:01 Syd dale Lucky seven
4:58 Steve arrington Love knows
4:54 The flaming ember Watbound # 9
4:50 The whispers Special part of me life
4:47 Marva hicks Looking over my shoulder
4:44 Angeline morrison A word for the words
4:33 Slave Party hardy
4:27 Keith barrow You know you want to be loved
4:24 The futures (that's) the way of a woman in love
4:20 Champaign Try again
4:17 James brown Bring it up
4:15 Bernard estardy Road number 9
4:11 The baker brothers If you want me to stay
4:06 Commodores Nightshift
3:58 The soul movers Hey girl
3:54 Wayne davis Garden
3:51 Ashley clark Cold & rolling
3:46 Slave Roots
3:43 Eloise laws Love factory
3:40 Retta young Sending out an sos
3:36 Raydio Is this a love thing
3:32 Midnight star Freak-a-zoid
3:28 George duke Secret rendezvous
3:25 The jones girls Your love controls me
3:20 Stephanie mills Never knew love like this before
3:16 Dazz band Downstairs lounge
3:12 Chairmen of the board Try on my love for size
3:09 Prince phillip mitchell Make it good
3:06 The futures Ninety days
3:02 The kay gees I believe in music
3:00 Joe thomas Fancy fanny
2:27 Margie joseph Come on back to me lover
2:24 Steve arrington It's alright
2:20 Joe tex Jump bad
2:17 Flaming ember Stop the world, let me off
2:13 Timothy wilson Special lady
2:09 Ben e king Supernatural thing
2:01 Slave Life can be happy
2:00 Gilberto gil Maracatu atomico
1:17 Carl douglas Mistakes of mine
1:13 Ronn matlock Feeling something
1:11 Mary wells My guy
1:07 Bernard estardy Vertigo leitmotiv
1:04 Charo You're just the right size
1:01 The kaya collective Brighter day
0:57 East la car pool Seeds of life
0:54 Ashley clark Got that swing
0:51 James brown I don't want nobody to give me
0:48 Evelyn champagne king I'm in love
0:34 The kay gees Cheek to cheek
0:32 The city champs Freddie king for now
0:28 Chairmen of the board Finders keepers
0:24 Roy ayers Poo poo la la
0:20 Frootful Road
0:16 Olympic runners Guacamole getdown
0:12 James brown I can't stand myself
0:09 Omar I love being with you
0:05 Breakwater Release the beast
0:02 Freda payne Band of gold