Плейлист Радио Монте Карло Wonderful Blues на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
21:00 Bb king Darling what happened
20:19 Back bone slip Danger zone
20:15 Alex lopez Stolen
20:10 Aynster lister Need her so bad
20:00 Albert castiglia I been up all night
19:51 The fabulous thunderbirds Got to bring it with you
19:46 Anthony gomes band Misery for company
19:35 Seth james Real bad deal
19:34 Andy lindquist Grey bones
19:21 Andreas diehlmann band Hard times
19:18 Amos milburn One scotch one bourbon one beer
19:12 The dogrocket blues band Psalm blue
19:09 Adagio music Rock blues
19:02 Alvin lee Bluest blues
19:00 Altered five blues band Cookin' in my kitchen
18:14 Albert castiglia Drowning at the bottom
18:10 Seth james Moonpies
18:01 Albatross Full moon on the main street
17:49 Adrian ab burns More than i could chew
17:43 The dogrocket blues band Press on
17:41 Adagio music Rising sun
17:24 Zoe schwarz Blues+i should have a party
17:20 Tom waits Ol'55
17:14 Zed mitchell After love
17:09 The will johns band Never rains
17:03 Zach day Deeper shade of blue
16:59 Willie lomax For better or for worse
16:54 The fabulous thunderbirds Do you know who i am
16:47 Walter trout Me, my guitar & the blues
16:39 Vince converse Give it everything you've got
16:36 Seth james Gettin' it on
16:33 Vickie carrico Hello darkness
16:17 Van wilks Dialtone blues
16:14 Steve marriner Uptown lockdown
16:09 The dogrocket blues band Only man
16:04 Trudy lynn Help me through the day
15:57 Tommy shreve band Summertime
15:51 Tommy castro How long must i cry
15:47 Tom waits Depot, depot
15:41 Tino gonzales Blues for mary
15:36 The will johns band Need your love so bad
15:32 The robert cray band Forever goodbye
15:27 The paladins You & i
15:22 The john slaughter band St james infirmary
15:13 The hoax Bones
15:07 Sweet crisis Misty haze
15:02 Seth james Burn it down
14:58 The gonnabees Miss you girl
14:48 The fabulous thunderbirds (i know) i'm losing you
14:39 Stevie ray vaughan Tin pan alley
14:35 Johnny ray jones You don't care
14:29 Steve marriner Long way down
14:24 Sean costello I'm leaving
14:20 The dogrocket blues band Love is the law
14:15 The boneshakers Let's straighten it out
14:11 The beat daddys I'll always love you
14:03 Texas slim Play it cool
13:57 Teed up Take our time love
13:54 Tab benoit Cross the line
13:48 Ronnie peterson Money is the name of the game
13:44 T-bone walker I'm in love
13:37 Jeremy spencer Where she is wanted
13:34 Sweet crisis Black magic
13:21 Sunset heights Dreaming girl
13:13 Johnny ray jones Way down south
12:57 Sean costello Double trouble
12:54 Steve marriner Enough
12:48 Sean chambers Keep movin on
12:34 Smokin joe kubek If it's the last thing i do
12:28 Sista monica parker A chance to breathe
12:22 Sherman robertson I wonder why
12:03 Sf blues guitar I tried
12:00 Jeremy spencer Over the moon
12:00 Peter garstenauer Midnight flow
11:26 Johnny ray jones Nothing takes the place of you
11:19 Sean webster Start again
11:13 Sean costello Blues papa mi angelita
11:03 Sean chambers Crazy for loving you
11:00 Scott shack huckler This room
11:00 Motor city josh That's how strong my love is
10:01 Rick vito I loved another woman
9:56 Johnny ray jones La fog
9:46 Omar kent dykes Think
9:33 Murali coryell Softly let me kiss your lips
9:23 Motor city josh Getting old sucks
9:20 Raveling blues House of the rising sun
9:11 Preston shannon Purple rain
9:08 Jeremy spencer Love beyond the edge
9:03 Preachers keen Crippled man blues
8:57 Popa chubby Same old blues
8:47 Mike henderson So sad to be lonesome
8:42 Peter garstenauer Down for you
8:29 Pat travers Rain
8:25 Johnny ray jones In the heart of the city
8:13 Neal black I don't get the blues
8:09 Murali coryell Hold me
8:05 Mountain Man's world
8:02 Motor city josh Don't let the green grass
7:59 Inga rumpf What a wonderful world
7:55 Moody marsden 2000 miles
7:49 Jeremy spencer Harpin' on it
7:45 Lucky peterson Who's been talking
7:28 Mike zito Bad news coming
7:24 Mike henderson Drowning on dry land
7:18 Melvin taylor I'll play the blues for you
7:14 Mark selby Back door to my heart
7:09 Mike griffin I'd rather go blind
7:06 Johnny ray jones I'm a blues man
6:58 Julian sas Make up your mind
6:48 Mighty sam mcclan Too proud
6:43 Mighty sam mcclain I'm so lonely
6:33 Midnight creepers Another you
6:30 Inga rumpf Slow motion
6:24 Luther allison Living in the house of blues
6:23 Mick simpson You gotta change
6:11 Lucky peterson Tribute to the king
5:56 Michael burks Make it rain
5:51 Michael barclay Don't want to touch that woman
5:44 Melvin taylor A quitter never wins
5:42 Melody gardot Your heart is as black as night
5:36 Mark selby Baby i do
5:32 Johnny ray jones Feet back in the door
5:26 Julian sas Losing ground
5:17 Mark knopfler Nobody's child
5:12 Marc lelangue blues band Mind to travel
5:07 Magic slim Cummins prison farm
5:03 Maggie bell If i don't know
4:58 Inga rumpf I am i
4:51 Luther allison Bad news is coming
4:46 Lurrie bell This worrisome feeling in my heart
4:44 Jeremy spencer Fair warning
4:39 Lucky peterson Ta' ta' you
4:33 Lonnie brooks Holding on the memories
4:30 Blind lemon pledge Teacher+teacher
4:20 Livin' blues Black night
4:09 Leroy ellington's sacred hearts What would you do
4:04 Junior wells Use me
4:01 Johnny ray jones Don't burn down the bridge
3:55 Julian sas Is this what they call the blues
3:51 Lefthand freddy Oh loretta
3:47 Daniel kosel Things i do
3:41 Eric clapton Still got the blues
3:35 Lazy poker blues band Clouds in my heart
3:34 Laughingtube Wizard's garage
3:30 Inga rumpf Hold on
3:20 Larry miller Unfinished business3
3:15 Koko taylor I cried like a baby
3:12 Jeremy spencer Facing the music
3:02 Kim lembo A fool no more
3:00 Blind lemon pledge Sherri lynn
2:22 Julian sas Blues for j
2:17 Jp soars Makes no sense
2:13 Daniel kosel Seattle born, montana raised
2:08 Eric clapton Second nature
2:03 Jonny lang Darker side
2:00 Jonathan ellison Guitar cry for me
1:17 Jon amor blues group When тhе time comes
1:12 Jon amor Rain
1:07 Jason good blues band Sittin' on top of the world
1:04 Johnny ray jones A certain girl
0:59 John scofield Just don't want to be lonely
0:53 John miles Now that the magic has gone
0:50 Daniel kosel Reasons not to go
0:46 Eric clapton Layla
0:31 John lee hooker Don't look back
0:28 Inga rumpf All in good time
0:23 Jimmie vaughan Shake a hand
0:19 Joey gilmore Brandon's blues
0:15 Jeremy spencer Elusive fragrance
0:12 Joe guitar hughes My baby told me
0:09 Joe cocker You are so beautiful
0:05 Blind lemon pledge It's too late to cry