Плейлист Радио Кардан на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
10:30 Elvis presley It's now or never
10:24 Accept Bloodbath mastermind
10:24 Lynyrd skynyrd Hell or heaven
10:04 Guns n' roses Sween child o'mine
9:56 Avenged sevenfold Victim
9:51 Metallica No leaf clover
9:47 Smokie Wild wild angels
9:44 Black label society January
9:41 Elvis presley Love me tender
9:35 Accept Pandemic
9:31 Lynyrd skynyrd Skynyrd nation
9:27 Ac/dc Sin city
9:13 Rammstein Du hast
9:10 Judas priest Necromancer
9:05 Marilyn manson You and me and the devil makes
9:01 Foreigner White lie
8:58 Motorhead Go to hell
8:53 Accept 200 years
8:49 Lynyrd skynyrd Jake
8:45 Ac/dc Boogie man
8:33 Amorphis White night
8:27 Ozzy osbourne Tonight
8:23 Megadeth Moto psycho
8:21 Johnny cash The troubadour
8:17 U.d.o. They want war
8:14 Airbourne Hungry
8:10 Accept Run through the night
8:05 Lynyrd skynyrd Mad hatter
8:00 Ac/dc Evil walks
7:51 Amorphis Death of a king
7:46 Ozzy osbourne Crazy train
7:42 Megadeth Breadline
7:39 Johnny cash The old account
7:35 U.d.o. Devil's rendezvous
7:32 Airbourne Heartbreaker
7:27 Accept Dark side of my heart
7:23 Lynyrd skynyrd Comin back for more
7:19 Ac/dc The furor
7:11 Rammstein Ohne dich
7:05 Judas priest Sea of red
7:00 Marilyn manson We're from america
6:56 Foreigner Back where you belong
6:53 Motorhead Cat scratch fever
6:49 Airbourne You got the skills (to pay the bills) (bonus track)
6:45 Accept Son of a bitch
6:41 Lynyrd skynyrd Rockin' little town
6:37 Ac/dc Hard as a rock
6:29 Elvis presley You've lost that loving feeling
6:17 Foreigner Night life
6:14 Motorhead Do you believe
6:11 Airbourne Dirty angel (bonus track for japan)
6:06 Accept Donation
6:02 Lynyrd skynyrd Pick 'em up
5:57 Ac/dc Burnin' alive
5:47 Rammstein Ich will
5:42 Judas priest Spectre
5:39 Elvis presley Steamroller blues
5:33 Scorpions Wind of change
5:31 Motorhead Rock out
5:17 Lynyrd skynyrd Gifted hands
5:14 Ac/dc What do you do for money honey
5:06 Johnny cash I still miss someone
5:02 U.d.o. Animal house
4:58 Elvis presley Fever (feat. michael buble)
4:54 Scorpions The game of life
4:50 Motorhead Coup de grace
4:46 Airbourne Cradle to the grave
4:41 Accept Time machine (bonus track)
4:37 Lynyrd skynyrd Full moon night
4:33 Ac/dc Let's get it up
4:25 Rammstein Reise, reise
4:21 Judas priest Rock forever
4:19 Johnny cash Frankie's man, johnny
4:15 U.d.o. Kick in the face
4:12 Motorhead Death machine
4:09 Airbourne Blackjack
4:04 Accept From the ashes we rise
3:58 Lynyrd skynyrd God and guns
3:54 Ac/dc Night of the long knives
3:41 Foreigner I keep hoping
3:39 Johnny cash That's all over
3:34 U.d.o. Black widow
3:31 Motorhead Paralyzed
3:28 Airbourne Animalize
3:25 Accept Monsterman
3:21 Lynyrd skynyrd All funked up
3:17 Ac/dc Breaking the rules
3:10 Judas priest Firepower
3:05 Marilyn manson Blank and white
3:00 Foreigner Blinded by science
2:56 U.d.o. Animal house
2:52 Motorhead Crying shame
2:48 Airbourne Back in the game
2:44 Accept Trail of tears
2:38 Lynyrd skynyrd The way
2:35 Ac/dc T.n.t.
2:27 Rammstein Rosenrot
2:22 Marilyn manson Sweet dreams
2:18 Foreigner Don't let go
2:14 U.d.o. We want it loud
2:09 Motorhead Brotherhood of man
2:06 Airbourne Ready to rock
1:59 Accept Princess of the dawn
1:55 Lynyrd skynyrd Little thing called you
1:49 Ac/dc The honey roll
1:40 Judas priest Rock hard ride free
1:36 Rammstein Amerika
1:33 Foreigner Girl on the moon
1:27 U.d.o. Future land
1:22 Motorhead Overkill
1:19 Airbourne Firepower
1:14 Accept Metal heart
1:10 Lynyrd skynyrd Swamp music
1:06 Ac/dc Snowballed
0:59 Johnny cash God will
0:55 Rammstein Te quiero puta!
0:51 Foreigner Tooth and nail
0:46 U.d.o. Cry soldier cry
0:43 Motorhead Knife
0:39 Airbourne Stand up for rock 'n' roll
0:33 Accept Shadow soldiers
0:28 Lynyrd skynyrd Preacher man
0:24 Ac/dc Ballbreaker
0:15 Judas priest Children of the sun
0:12 Johnny cash It was jesus
0:10 Foreigner Lonely