Плейлист Радио Первый Городской Канал на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
17:27 Aiemo No signs (instrumental)
17:22 Aerium;me3dian Mist-jiertiid
17:17 Leandro fresco Los anos que vivimos en peligro
17:12 Alexander dancaless Another
17:08 T2'n Warp molecular
17:03 Digital rain On the other side of the soul
17:00 Smooth deluxe;nizam kharda Dried hot peppers
16:55 Skyio Exoplanet
16:52 Alexis salazar Dan
16:49 Spoq Spark plot
16:46 Andrew thomas Clouds across face
16:40 Triola L'atalante
16:35 Kenneth james gibson To see you drift
16:30 Davide leonardo Hear the sunset
16:25 Rico casazza Ryuichi (dub mix)
16:19 Father Time for goodbye
16:14 Nale Nevermind
16:09 Art demoir Element
16:01 Parafernalia Moments of freedom
15:55 Aerium;me3dian Bioluminescence
15:49 Coral chiller Yamiyihka
15:44 Evadez Exist
15:40 Thomas lemmer Endless horizon
15:35 Watts & ohms Watt do i want
15:30 Corrado saija Il cielo delle eolie
15:26 Aiemo;holly prothman Your dreams (vocal mix)
15:21 Stuce the sketch Seventh heaven (acoustic)
15:17 T2'n Le desert de michat
15:14 Twins in mind Floating clouds
15:08 Man in a room;sara azrie Brave this moment
15:06 T2'n Appero mix
14:59 Simone gatto Default mode network
14:56 Smooth deluxe;nizam kharda Indian cuisine
14:50 Burger;voigt Frieden
14:47 Leandro fresco La edad de oro
14:35 Anton kubikov Ambianopolis
14:30 Alexey light The stars around us
14:26 The sad lovers The drifter
14:22 Rico casazza Kyoto is not there
14:18 Ravenherz The implicit structure
14:14 Aimee sol Daylight
14:06 Soft knees Cirrus
14:01 Coral chiller Chillout codes
13:56 Evadez Chapters
13:52 Thomas lemmer;naemi joy White room (intimate piano version)
13:50 Lemongrass Wormhole
13:47 Stuce the sketch Fikira
13:41 Aerium;me3dian Midsimmerhjoen
13:35 Tim angrave Refined interjection
13:32 Aiemo;miki flores Left with silence (vocal mix)
13:26 Vechigen The visitors
13:22 Nale Heaven
13:21 Francois maugame Anathema
13:18 Spoq Sockets
13:14 Andrew thomas A dream of a spider
13:10 Soft knees Lost tapes
13:03 Vechigen Night in the desert
12:59 Skyio Magnitude
12:52 Burya;vestnik Good morning
12:46 Paro dion;sasha Sing the sound
12:38 Ignat shamko Life line
12:35 Fushe Enigmore
12:32 Rico casazza Dawn
12:23 Parafernalia;ace vincent The thrillseeker
12:19 Corrado saija Alba
12:17 Smooth deluxe;nizam kharda One love
12:09 Twins in mind Fallacy of faith (cammiloo remix)
12:05 Lemongrass Landing
12:01 Thomas lemmer Different world
11:58 Simone gatto;merialma colucci Sarvesham svastir bhavatu mantra
11:55 David k. This city (acoustic)
11:49 Tom tom club Love to love you baby (vavinchi remix)
11:44 Project blue sun Maybe that's not love
11:38 Inventors of the sun Path of tibet
11:34 351 lake shore drive & genius jane Freezing cold
11:29 Project blue sun Maybe that's not love
11:27 Martin $ky Sailing
11:24 N.musicbeatz Au revoir
11:22 Kevatta Where would i be without you
11:20 Lostifi Expedition
11:18 Luvwn Insomnia
11:16 Lesky Doors
11:14 Tysu & tiesxbonds Another spring
11:11 B l o o p r Coffee improv
11:08 Oatmello Evening snow
11:06 Strehlow Cold beach
11:04 Hakone & mujo Levitate
11:02 Ameba Spring
11:00 Daneel In haze
10:58 Vhsgus Digital world
10:56 Trog'low Drifting
10:54 Ocha Leaf village
10:51 Odd toddlers Nights
10:49 Maadrhino Reflection
10:44 Project blue sun Better than us (deep mix)
10:39 Diviance Into deep
10:35 Madhu Goodbye
10:30 Schriever Sublime
10:25 Lootmaster A night to remember
10:22 Spoq Billboards
10:16 Ishtadi Raising vibrations
10:09 Amanita phalloides,heavenchord Silence (??????)
10:03 Faserklang Strange structures
9:57 Gustavo lamas Jovenes (ambient remake)
9:51 Gamma orionis Urban trees
9:47 Kolby wade Inside the kings chamber
9:44 Dubya Free speech
9:40 Nale Better angels (dub mix)
9:35 Puch Whatelse is wrong?
9:29 Gregor schwellenbach,christian buck Superpitcher's tomorrow
9:23 Billy esteban Glorija
9:17 Makofane tshegofatso Conceptual healing (mandla jamela's white crayon version)
9:12 Hakim ludin,naoki kenji Rumba loco
9:10 Magnus moone Borderland (no percussion ambient version)
9:05 Inventors of the sun Wonder of romance
9:01 Smooth deluxe,nizam kharda Multani
8:56 Nexus 5 Hold tight
8:52 Marco moli On top of the world
8:48 Tape five The smell of the sidewalk
8:43 351 lake shore drive Caramel groove
8:38 Sunset boulevard project,marc hartman New horizon
8:35 Guenter haas Black rose
8:32 Tukan Wonder of life (chill out mix)
8:30 Kainbeats To the time long past
8:28 Novvel Lost in vacation
8:26 Aebleo Flight of the purple potato
8:24 Fletcher reed Parallel
8:22 Loafy building Cloud companion
8:19 Druid Pink gloom
8:18 Laffey So far away
8:15 Linearwave Alone
8:12 Tyluv. Rain
8:09 The loyalist Moonphase
8:07 Huey daze Day for night
8:05 Yestalgia The forest
7:59 Diviance Deception
7:54 Eddie silverton Long ago where the
7:48 Von gauss Special mornings
7:44 Living room Sundowner love (ingolf schapke latinflow mix)
7:38 Franky flowerz It chose me
7:33 Sigrun ii Be right back
7:27 Jagel Skyway
7:21 Schlichting Rethinking
7:16 Zirkadian sender Assez vintages
7:12 Rebor noise Blue point
7:08 Lootmaster Life is love
7:01 Thomas simon saddier Carbondale
6:57 The sad lovers Realization
6:53 Nelson vaz Stargate (piano edit)
6:47 The biosnakes Drop me a line
6:42 Peter pearson Blue haze
6:39 Magnus moone El carnaval de arlequin
6:34 Lazy hammock In motion
6:29 Smooth deluxe & josephine sinclar Paradise deluxe
6:24 Marco moli On top of the world
6:18 Sunset boulevard project Don't stop the groove
6:15 Nexus 5 All you pretty girls
6:10 Guenter haas Prayer
6:05 Diviance Deception
6:00 Eddie silverton Long ago where the
5:54 Von gauss Special mornings
5:49 Living room Sundowner love (ingolf schapke latinflow mix)
5:44 Franky flowerz It chose me
5:39 Sigrun ii Be right back
5:33 Jagel Skyway
5:27 Schlichting Rethinking
5:22 Zirkadian sender Assez vintages
5:18 Rebor noise Blue point
5:13 Lootmaster Life is love
5:07 Thomas simon saddier Carbondale
5:03 The sad lovers Realization
4:59 Nelson vaz Stargate (piano edit)
4:53 The biosnakes Drop me a line
4:49 Peter pearson Blue haze
4:45 Magnus moone El carnaval de arlequin
4:40 Lazy hammock In motion
4:35 Smooth deluxe,josephine sinclar Paradise deluxe
4:30 Marco moli On top of the world
4:25 Sunset boulevard project Don't stop the groove
4:21 Nexus 5 All you pretty girls
4:17 Guenter haas Prayer
4:11 Inventors of the sun Path of tibet
4:08 Lounge groove avenue Show me how (original mix)
4:02 Brass Great views (original mix)
3:58 Lounge groove avenue By my side
3:53 Mathieu,florzinho,zen bolek All there is is love (original mix)
3:48 Schwarz & funk As if it was you (original mix)
3:43 Chillson,marc hartman Audio encore (original mix)
3:40 Fantomas Running
3:35 M-sol project,marga sol Joy & happiness (original mix)
3:32 V-sta Flashin in the sun (original mix)
3:28 Alex donofrio Look for what's looking
3:22 Jeff bennett's lounge experience Sympathy (instrumental)
3:19 Marga sol,m-sol project Happy day
3:16 Dellasollounge Don't tell me that you're sorry (original mix)
3:15 Digby jones Last track (original mix)
3:10 351 lake shore drive,genius jane Freezing cold
3:06 Diviance Wisdom begins in wonder
3:00 Kololo Emphysema
2:13 Lazy hammock,u.v.p Breathe
2:09 Lootmaster Brightest future career
2:06 Miper Sometimes
2:01 Johannes huppertz Right & wrong
2:00 Thomas lemmer,lena belgart Is it too late (stefan groll acoustic guitar mix)
1:55 Smooth deluxe,viv de la rosa Meltdown
1:52 Nexus 5 The circle of life
1:47 Inventors of the sun Sundance
1:42 Marco moli Like a roller coaster
1:37 Guenter haas Helping hand (remastered)
1:33 Sunset boulevard project Firefly
1:28 Project blue sun Color del amor
1:22 351 lake shore drive,genius jane Butterfly
1:18 Yantra mantra Dha dha dha dhi
1:15 Smooth deluxe;nizam kharda Vishvavara
1:09 Vechigen;matt pincer Himalaya
1:04 Vune Diula
1:00 Eddie silverton Macrocozm
0:55 Thomas lemmer Lunar eclipse (softwaver remix for the nights)
0:51 Five seasons Heaven
0:46 Lemongrass Aloha
0:43 Alexis salazar Cian
0:40 Nale Free
0:37 The sad lovers Opening the flower
0:31 Goda brother Rejection story
0:25 Kaito Travelled between souls
0:18 Simone gatto Wakefulness w/ isochronic tones
0:16 Enter 42 Tired
0:11 Triola Schildergasse
0:06 Aiemo No signs (instrumental)
0:01 Aerium;me3dian Mist-jiertiid