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20:46 sarah menescal don't speak
20:42 turnmeister into the white
20:35 bebo best & the super lounge orcestra come as you are
20:25 lisa lauren and i love her
20:19 boozoo bajou take it slow
20:16 sao vicente & uschi angie
20:12 lemongrass feel it
20:08 bruce lash lithium
20:03 product 01 heart of glass (justus kuhncke remix edit)
20:01 mez fuck'n jazz
14:37 janice one day
14:32 dj friction could heaven ever be like this (dublex inc. remix)
14:26 glam sam and his combo give it to me, baby
14:23 a-ha take on me
14:17 mo' horizons yes baby yes
14:13 buena vista social club & sting fragilidad
14:06 stella starlight trio tainted love
14:01 de-phazz & pat appleton anchorless
13:59 karen souza every breath you take
13:55 aromabar all that lives may love
13:50 turnmeister into the white
13:46 48th. st. collective missing
13:44 harry styles watermelon sugar
13:40 pedro javier gonzalez hotel california
13:36 schwarz & funk fallen (chill mix)
13:32 elton ames beach house
13:29 peter white never gonna give you up
13:24 kenny g sade
13:21 moodorama i think it's...
13:17 sade by your side (neptunes remix)
13:14 kenyon hopkins hard latin
13:06 peter ellis lemon yellow trail
13:03 jp juice fukai
12:58 billy paul williams feat. charlotte mckinnon it ain't necessarily so
12:52 diana krall besame mucho
12:48 milky chance stolen dance
12:44 clelia felix endless dream
12:41 karen souza can't help falling in love
12:39 bahia de roses hijo de pescador
12:39 bahia de roses hijo de pescador
12:35 carla bruni miss you
12:33 steve blame the grove
12:30 smooth jazz all stars ain't no sunshine
12:25 naoki kenji let it flow
12:20 smood what's love got to do with it
12:16 cooltrane quartet wonderwall
12:12 de-phazz & pat appleton happiness
12:09 hoboken lampedusa lounge
12:09 hoboken lampedusa lounge
12:05 lenny kravitz i'll always be inside your soul
12:02 minus 8 white (feat. u)
12:00 red hot viper chicken grease
11:56 lynden david hall all you need is love
11:52 clementine calaway firlefanz
11:42 rivera rotation weledi
11:38 karen souza wicked game
11:31 rob ayers & the jack livingston orchestra unbreak my heart
11:27 belloq kos lounge
11:23 turnmeister into the white
11:18 moodorama i think it's...
11:14 smooth jazz all stars rude
11:12 walter wanderley the bobo
11:07 moca funky plusch
11:03 maroon 5 & buena vista social club she will be loved
11:00 dzihan & kamien homebase
10:56 brian smith your latest trick, smooth operator
10:54 symbols of sound i feel
10:49 shazz & alec c fallin' in love
10:38 cierra ballester one smile only
10:30 mo' horizons african sunset
10:26 Dj Friction Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Dublex Inc. Remix)
10:27 astrud gilberto beach samba
10:22 Monty Alexander Love & Happiness
10:26 dj friction could heaven ever be like this (dublex inc. remix)
10:18 Michelle Simonal With Or Without You
10:22 monty alexander love & happiness
10:21 michelle simonal with or without you
10:15 Lemongrass Feel It
10:12 Peter Ellis Lemon Yellow Trail
10:08 Saint Privat Somebody To Love
10:06 Gary Mcfarland Satisfaction
10:01 Carmen Mcrae How Long Has This Been Going On (Mj Cole Remix)
9:56 Deja Move Master Of Seduction
9:53 Jaime Lancaster & Karen Souza Billie Jean
9:49 Way Out West The Doors Are Where The Windows Should Be
9:46 Smooth Jazz All Stars Use Me
9:49 way out west the doors are where the windows should be
9:42 Living Room Summerlove
9:46 smooth jazz all stars use me
9:42 living room summerlove
9:12 De-Phazz & Pat Appleton Happiness
9:39 de-phazz & pat appleton happiness
9:12 Carla Bruni Miss You
9:35 carla bruni miss you
9:12 Sade Paradise
9:31 sade paradise
9:12 Raul Paz Mulata
9:27 raul paz mulata
9:12 Jerome Isma-Ae Underwater Love
9:23 jerome isma-ae underwater love