Плейлист Зайцев FM Metal на сьогодні

Час Артист Пісня
11:52 Rage Turn the page
11:49 Killer be killed Filthy vagabond
11:42 The gathering On most surfaces
11:38 Oomph! Das letzte streichholz
11:34 Elvenking Midnight circus
11:28 Pantera Psycho holiday
11:22 Draconian Seasons apart
11:18 Tears of magdalena Nightmare
11:11 Kingdom come Twilight cruiser
11:07 Disturbed Asylum
11:01 Mercenary Screaming from the heavens
11:00 Elvenking The one we shall follow
10:53 Doro Now or never
10:53 Zaycev fm Джингл рок_2 (metal)
10:52 Draconian Stellar tombs
10:36 Rammstein Zeig dich
10:32 Tacere Excursion (dramatic version)
10:28 Disturbed Remember
10:24 Bring me the horizon Diamonds aren't forever
10:20 Eternal tears of sorrow Bhean sidhe
10:16 In extremo Vollmond
10:11 Stratovarius Eyes of the world
10:06 The vision bleak The call of the banshee
10:00 Dark lunacy Cold embrace
10:00 Matenrou opera Honey drop
9:51 Doomsword Resound the horn
9:48 Saltatio mortis Willkommen in der weihnachtszeit
9:44 Dark lunacy Masquerade
9:31 Airbourne Raise the flag
9:27 Asmegin Bruderov paa haegstadtun
9:22 Edenbridge October sky
9:18 Sentenced No more beating as one
9:15 Versions Misplaced
9:11 Brutus Dust
9:08 Moodring Black wave
9:05 Tyrant Wild cats
8:59 Sodom Napalm in the morning
8:56 Disarmonia mundi A taste of collapse
8:51 Ancient bards Across this life
8:48 Black sabbath Never say die
8:47 Zaycev fm Джингл рок_3 (industrial)
8:41 Skull servant Pray for blood
8:38 Paradise lost Eternal
8:32 Oomph! Die maske
8:26 Elvenking The play of the leaves
8:22 Megadeth Dance in the rain
8:19 The vision bleak Sister najade (the tarn by the firs)
8:11 Holyhell Armageddon
8:06 Ария Герой асфальта (версия 1999 года)
8:03 System of a down Atwa
8:00 Scorpions When you came into my life
7:51 Elvenking Poor little baroness
7:39 Doomsword Luni
7:36 Slayer Raining blood
7:30 Zeromancer Fictional
7:27 Avantasia Lost in space
7:24 Mudvayne World so cold
7:11 Vicious crusade For the last time
7:00 Lyriel White lilly
6:34 Kreator Violent revolution
6:31 Warlock I rule the ruins
6:05 Mudvayne 1000 mile journey
6:02 Airbourne Runnin' wild
6:00 The haunted The flood
5:54 In flames Embody the invisible
5:49 Aesma daeva The bluish shade
5:45 Чёрный кофе Ночь
5:45 Zaycev fm Джингл рок_3 (industrial)
5:41 Ауткаст Некуда бежать
5:37 Crematory No one knows
5:34 Rammstein Ausländer
5:29 Elvenking Petalstorm (bonus track)
5:25 Megadeth She-wolf
5:21 Tiamat Brighter than the sun
5:16 Lunatica New shores
5:11 Кипелов Пророк
5:07 Korn Freak on a leash
5:02 Dark moor The mysterious maiden (bonus track)
4:58 Before the dawn Human hatred
4:58 Cruachan Beren and luthien
4:42 Moonspell Alma mater
4:37 Slayer Angel of death
4:32 Oomph! Wunschkind
4:31 Pythia Oedipus
4:19 Attila Bad habits
4:14 Eternal tears of sorrow Midnight bird
4:11 Cruachan The marching song of fiach mac hugh
4:08 Kiss Love gun
4:04 To die for Farewell
4:00 Protest the hero Bloodmeat
3:59 Tacere A voice in the dark (radio edit)
3:47 Tanzwut Labyrinth
3:42 Dark lunacy Snow
3:38 Exit Incomplete
3:35 Megadeth Back in the day
3:33 Crystal viper Night prowler
3:22 After forever Cry with a smile
3:18 The sins of thy beloved A tormented soul
3:14 Disciple The executioner
3:10 Dark tranquility Forward momentum
3:07 System of a down Chop suey!
3:03 Kingdom come Same old stars
2:59 Metallica Too far gone
2:55 Soilwork Breeding thorns
2:51 Edenbridge Higher
2:46 Armored saint Frozen will/legacy
2:45 Zaycev fm Джингл рок_3 (industrial)
2:44 Enforcer Unshackle me
2:28 Alkonost Папоротник
2:20 Metallica Master of puppets
2:16 Paradise lost Yearn for change
2:11 Delain Daylight lucidity
2:05 Tokyo blade If heaven is hell
2:01 Soulfly Back to the primitive
1:58 As the structure fails The promise
1:53 Disarmonia mundi Come forth my dreadful one
1:50 Грай Обнимая бурю
1:45 Ария Штиль
1:40 Lake of tears Down the nile
1:35 Kreator Terror zone
1:31 Eisbrecher Fanatica
1:25 Sirenia A shadow of your own self
1:22 Mudvayne Happy?
1:19 Promises unsaid Media madness
1:15 Eternal tears of sorrow Tears of autumn rain
1:11 Vicious crusade Dogs of justice
1:05 Ария Ангельская пыль (версия 1994 года)
1:01 Trail of tears Enigma of the absolute
1:00 Krypteria Sweet revenge