Плейлист Зайцев FM Metal на сегодня

Зайцев FM Metal
Время Артист Песня
22:54 the vision bleak a romance with the grave
22:50 eisbrecher ohne dich
22:45 amon amarth the pursuit of vikings
22:40 led zeppelin black dog
22:36 exodus brain dead
22:28 сварга дух земли
22:22 tristania cure
22:17 scorpions yellow raven
22:13 trail of tears decadence becomes me
22:10 oomph! augen auf!
22:05 children of bodom living dead beat
21:59 def leppard run riot
21:52 the sins of thy beloved partial insanity
21:48 pantera cowboys from hell
21:41 theatre of tragedy cassandra
21:35 sirenia sister nightfall
21:29 sortilege quand un aveugle rкve
21:25 before the dawn cold
21:21 corvus corax avanti
21:15 kingdom come twilight cruiser
21:07 draconian the death of hours
21:03 overkill use your head
21:00 matenrou opera excalibur
20:56 tyrant killing the peace we fall
20:52 crematory behind the wall
20:48 l'ame immortelle 5 jahre
20:43 soilwork the aardvark trail
20:39 diamond head starcrossed (lovers of the night)
20:31 metallica the end of the line
20:27 alkonost bird
20:22 aesma daeva the bluish shade
20:15 scorpions we'll burn the sky
20:10 the gathering third chance
20:06 oomph! das letzte streichholz
20:03 norther released
19:58 megadeth ecstasy
19:54 cruachan brian boru
19:49 kreator violent revolution
19:44 before the dawn father and son
19:40 holyhell wings of light
19:35 doro doro - don't mistake it for love
19:31 lunatica time
19:28 tanzwut gigolo
19:24 чёрный кофе ночь
19:19 elvenking the play of the leaves
19:13 forbidden rape
19:08 omnium gatherum distant light highway
19:04 edenbridge higher
19:00 armored saint crisis of life
18:55 machine men man in chains
18:48 silentium hangman's lullaby
18:42 anthrax in my world
18:37 oomph! wunschkind
18:33 lyriel my favorite dream
18:29 orange goblin aquatic fanatic
18:24 in flames dead god in me
18:21 vicious crusade pariah
18:16 scorpions the good die young
18:09 tristania pale enchantress
18:01 machine head locust
17:56 tsa 51
17:48 draconian the solitude
17:43 asp dancing
17:39 dark tranquillity phantom days
17:31 ария баллада о древнерусском воине
17:25 megadeth tornado of souls
17:21 alkonost жемчужина
17:17 avantasia lost in space
17:13 cinderella if you don't like it
17:10 sentenced guilt and regret
17:07 saltatio mortis wo sind die clowns
17:02 children of bodom hatebreeder
16:57 mago de oz la conquista
16:53 sodom genocide
16:46 dark lunacy on memory's white steigh
16:42 matenrou opera utopia
16:38 motorhead too late, too late
16:34 tiamat the truth's for sale
16:29 funker vogt killing fields
16:25 чёрный кофе где ответ?
16:20 elvenking runereader
16:13 pantera cemetery gates
16:09 amon amarth cry of the black birds
16:04 edenbridge october sky
16:00 scorpions dancing with the moonlight
15:55 adorned brood kaperfahrt
15:51 warlock i rule the ruins
15:48 trail of tears words of the fly
15:44 megadeth insomnia
15:40 tanzwut labyrinth
15:34 inner shrine in the garden of sadness
15:30 ария бесы
15:26 dark tranquillity in truth divided
15:21 orphaned land the truth within
15:15 cinderella dead man's road
15:08 the vision bleak the demon of the mire
15:02 iced earth dystopia
14:58 matenrou opera anomie
14:54 battle beast angel cry
14:49 polinove pole нічні птахи