Плейлист Зайцев FM Metal на сегодня

Зайцев FM Metal
Время Артист Песня
3:12 Paradise Lost Fader
3:06 Nine Inch Nails We're In This Together
3:02 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Tar Still Flows
2:55 Vicious Crusade Dreaming
2:51 Anthrax Antisocial
2:43 Beto Vazquez Infinity Infinity Space
2:39 Sortilege Elephant Man (Bonus Track)
2:34 Beseech Atmosphere
2:30 Oomph! Die Schlinge
2:26 Crematory Angel Of Fate
2:22 Cruachan The Voyage Of Bran
2:15 Megadeth Ashes In Your Mouth
2:12 In Flames Lord Hypnos
2:07 Matenrou Opera Voyage
2:04 Poison I Need To Know
1:58 Manowar Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
1:51 Sentenced Capture Of Fire
1:43 Metallica The Unforgiven Iii
1:38 Megaherz Herzblut
1:34 Epica Solitary Ground
1:31 Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
1:26 Dark Lunacy Snow
1:22 Alkonost Winds Storms
1:18 Mercyful Fate Evil
1:11 Luna Aeterna Снежная Королева
1:04 Forbidden Follow Me
0:55 Type O Negative Hail And Farewell To Britain
0:50 Funker Vogt Thanks For Nothing
0:46 Dark Tranquillity Misery's Crown
0:42 Sentenced To Time I Have Lost My Mind
0:38 Megadeth Kill The King
0:30 Elvenking Dominhate
0:22 Within Temptation Enter
0:20 Iron Maiden Wrathchild
0:15 Tiamat I Am In Love With Myself
0:09 Oomph! Bastard
0:06 In Flames Everlost (Part Ii)